Replacement Conditions and Timeframe:

Upon receiving the goods, kindly examine the product for inspection. Customers have the right to request a replacement under the following circumstances:

  • Product is damaged during shipping. 
  • Customer receives the wrong product.
  • Quality issues with the product, such as thawing or spoilage. 
  • Replacement requests must be submitted within 2 days of receiving the goods.

Maintain Product Integrity:

To qualify for a replacement, customers must maintain the integrity of the product’s original packaging, ensure the product seal has not been opened, and the product must be in its original frozen state.


An equivalent product of the same value will be provided.


Replacements will not be accepted under the following circumstances:

  • Quality issues due to improper storage or use by the customer.
  • Replacement requested beyond the specified replacement period.

Clear Contact Information:

Customers can contact us through the following channels:
Customer Service Hotline: (416) 293 6686

Legal Compliance:

This replacement policy complies with relevant Canadian regulations and reserves the right to be modified within the legally permissible scope.