Reward points is designed to reward our customers for their ongoing support and encourage repeat business.

The policy is as follows:


  • Accumulating Points: Customers will earn 10 points for every dollar spent at our store. Points will be credited to the customer’s account upon completion of the transaction.
  • Redemption of Points: Once a customer has accumulated 100 points, they may redeem their points for a discount of $1 off their purchase. Points can only be redeemed toward services.
  • Expiration of Points: Loyalty points will expire two years from the date of earning. Customers will receive notifications of impending point expiration.
  • Point Transferability: Point Transferability: Points are not transferable and cannot be combined with points from other accounts.
  • Program Changes: We reserve the right to change or modify the loyalty points program at any time without notice.
  • Fraud Prevention: Any attempt to defraud the loyalty points program, including but not limited to the creation of multiple accounts, will result in the immediate cancellation of all points earned and potential legal action.
  • Customer Information: All customer information collected as part of the loyalty points program will be kept confidential and used solely for the purpose of administering the program.

We hope our “Captain Rewards Points” program provides added value and incentives for our customers to continue shopping with us.