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About Raw Food

Why Raw Food?

A properly balanced raw diet mimics the primitive and natural diet of wolves and ancestral dogs.

Only in the past century have commercially processed kibbles and other cooked diets become available for dogs. In this same time the incidences of diet-related health problems have signifigantly increased.

At CaptainK9 we believe that the way to reduce the chance of these health problems, such as skin irritation, weight-related problems, and digestional issues, is to feed a natural RAW diet containing meat, bones, organs, and tripe, coming from a variety of sources.


How to Feed

We recommend feeding 2% of you dog's ideal adult body weight every day. This will vary depending on the breed, age, activity level and many other factors. This generally means that a healthy,  moderately active 50lb dog will need to eat 1 lb each day. An 8 week old puppy that will eventually be 50lb, will also need to eat about a pound a day, just spread out into 3 or more meals. An adult dog should be fed twice daily, usually morning and night.

The meat can be fed frozen or thawed, and any uneaten portion can be refrozen for later use. All of our products are safe in the freezer for up to a year after sale. As long as the frozen meat is not constantly  exposed to fresh air, all of the vitamins, nutrients, and probiotics will be frozen safely inside.

Potential benefits of a balanced raw food diet include:

  • 1Shinier Coat

  • 2Healthier Skin

  • 3Cleaner Teeth

  • 4Higher Energy Levels

  • 5Reduced Waste

What's in our products?

All of our Ground Mixes are prepared in house with 100% hormone and antibiotic free meats sourced from a variety of abbattoirs, butchers, and grocery wholesalers from across southern Ontario. We have sought out the freshest, highest quality, and most affordable meats, and it is our mission to pass that quality and value to our customers.
All of our Ground Mix products frozen in a large case format, then cut into cubes. Custom cut sizes available if whole case is purchased. Please inquire for details.

Raw dog food diet

A raw dog food diet typically consists of:

  • Muscle meat

  • Bone

  • Organ Meat/Offal

  • Green Tripe

  • Occasional fruits and vegetables