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CaptainK9 Puppy Class

• We at CaptainK9 believe Puppy Class is the most important part of your Puppy’s education. Not only does it help to set up a strong foundation for your Puppy’ s future, it is also a great way for your Puppy to socialize with others while learning.

• Topics discussed in our Puppy Class include:
- Potty Training/Crate Training
- Home Management
- Clicker Training/Basic Obedience
- Socialization/Desensitization

• Puppy Classes at CaptainK9 are offered in English and Chinese.

• Puppies must be between 8 and 16 weeks old to enroll.

• Puppy Class is held once a week starting at 8pm in our specially designed classroom.

• There are a total of 5 group sessions for a price of $199 plus tax.