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CaptainK9 Dog Training

Toronto's most popular Dog Training School – REDEFINING DOG TRAINING

Under the guidance and experience of professional and Certified Dog Trainer ‘Kevin Wu’. CaptainK9 can provide a versatile range of services from puppy class, obedience, behaviours modification, competitive dog sport to personal protection dog training.

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CaptainK9 Puppy Class Level 1 & 2

“Perfect start for puppies aged 8-18 weeks”
  • Great for ‘first-time’ dog owners
  • Helps owners understand puppy's needs and familiarize with the environment
  • Covers: potty, crate, feeding, management
  • luring, shaping, engagement, proper communication, handling
  • Address: nipping, barking, destruction, counter surfing, etc

CaptainK9 Basic Obedience Training Class

“The next step towards having a well behaved dog”
  • Basic; sit, heel, rudimentary commands
  • Basic attention training
  • Understanding the basic needs of your dog for obedience commands

CaptainK9 Advance Obedience Training Class

"Advance focus training in your companion"
  • Classes taught in ‘private’ sessions
  • Prevent your dog from ‘intense’ distractions
  • Advance focus training between dog and owner
  • Advance commands, corrections and rewards mechanics


Behavioural Training

Competitive Training

Protection Training

Consultation & Assessment,
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