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CaptainK9 Dog Training

Toronto's most Popular Dog Trainer – REDEFINING DOG TRAINING

Under the guidance and experience of professional and certified dog Trainer ‘Kevin Wu’. CaptainK9 can provide a versatile range of services from pet friendly companions to professional and security training.

With both local and international competition awards, CaptainK9’s training guidance and instructions will guarantee results cater for all suitable environments and situations.

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CaptainK9 Puppy Class

“Perfect start for puppies aged 8-16 weeks”
  • Great for ‘new’ dog owners
  • Basic care training for both dog and dog owners
  • How to understand your new entry to the family

CaptainK9 Basic Obedience Training Class

“The next step towards having a well behaved dog”
  • Basic; sit, heel, rudimentary commands
  • Basic attention training
  • Understanding the basic needs of your dog for obedience commands

CaptainK9 Advance Obedience Training Class

"Advance focus training in your companion"
  • Classes taught in ‘private’ sessions
  • Prevent your dog from ‘intense’ distractions
  • Advance focus training between dog and owner
  • Advance commands, corrections and rewards mechanics


Behavioural Training

Competitive Training

Protection Training

Consultation & Assessment,
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