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Pig Ear Treat


CaptainK9's "Dehydrated Pig Ear" is the richest dehydrated treats diets. It provides a very healthy and natural nutrients with a wide variety of meat and organs for a healthy probiotics treats. It is a favorite for any dogs.

Ingredients: Raw Pig Ear

Price per EA - $1.99

Pig Skin Roll

CaptainK9's "Pig Skin Roll" is a natural, long lasting, digestible treat which made of pig skin. It is high in protein and fat, a great chew for all kinds of dog! Ingredients: 100% Raw Pig Skin Price per EA - $3.25

Brothsicles Food Enhancer

  Brothsicles™, Freeze It. Top It. Enhance it! Enjoy these as a delicious frozen treat or top of your dogs meal for an enhanced meal packed with flavour. ICE POPS For a cold, refreshing treat, freeze a BROTHSICLE for at least 24 hours and enjoy! FOOD TOPPER Fussy eater? Simply pour a non-frozen BROTHSICLE over your pup’s food for an added boost! WATER ENHANCER For extra flavour, add a non-frozen or frozen BROTHSICLE to their water! Dispose of unconsumed water after 3 hours.