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CaptainK9's Pet Beauty and Grooming Services​

Wondering why regular grooming is crucial for your furry friend? With over twenty years of experience in pet grooming, Captain K9 has the answer. Many pet owners are surprised to learn about their dog's ear infections or skin problems during grooming sessions. Our grooming process not only keeps your pets clean but also helps maintain their overall health.

During grooming, our expert groomers carefully inspect your pet's fur for shedding, skin issues, inflammation, or other concerns. We also check for signs of malnutrition, ear or eye infections, ingrown nails, and more. By paying attention to these details, we can catch potential problems early and keep your pets happy and healthy.

We understand that pets can't always communicate their discomfort, which is why regular grooming appointments are essential. Additionally, we provide guidance to pet owners on how to spot signs of trouble at home and maintain their pet's well-being between grooming sessions. Trust Captain K9 to keep your furry friends looking and feeling their best!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I trim my dog's nails?

For indoor or urban dogs, it's best to trim their nails every two weeks. Without regular trimming, and with limited opportunities for outdoor activities to naturally wear down their nails, they can grow too long. Trimming every two weeks helps prevent overgrowth and reduces the risk of bleeding when trimming.

Do all dogs need ear hair plucking?

Not all dogs require ear hair plucking, but common breeds that do include Shih Tzus, Poodles, and Schnauzers. Generally, ear hair should be plucked every month to prevent ear mites and unpleasant odors.

How often should pets be bathed in North America?

In North America, where the air tends to be dry and environments are generally clean, dogs and cats typically need a bath every two months. However, long-haired breeds like Poodles, Maltese, and Bichons should be bathed every 6 weeks (for small grooming) and have their hair trimmed every 12 weeks (for full grooming). For dogs with body odor or those who get dirty often, bathing as needed is advisable.


The best dog boarding service

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Captain K9's Reliable Dog Boarding Service

With two-acre worth of grass for your dogs to freely roam around, we ensure your dog will have a good time with us. At Captain K9, the safety of your dog and your peace of mind is our top priority. So, while you enjoy your vacation, rest assured that your beloved companion is experiencing a delightful holiday in our good care.

Why Captain K9's Boarding Service?

We provide the following to your dogs: 

Two acres of grass for dogs to run around freely.

24-hour central heating and air conditioning to ensure dogs' comfort.

Separate areas for dogs of different ages, sizes, and temperaments to avoid unnecessary disturbances and fights.

Each dog has its own independent kennel with clean drinking water.

Fresh raw meat feeding option available for owners or dog prefer it