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Turkey & Chicken Mix Combo

CaptainK9's "Chicken Turkey Mix" is the richest raw food diets. It provides the most nutrients with a wide variety of meat and organs for a healthy probiotics meal. It is a favorite for any dog owners. Ingredients: Chicken Meat, Chicken Bones, Turkey Meat Price per LB - $2.85 PS: 40LBS BULK ORDERS require one week's notice to be processed.

Captain’s Choice


CaptainK9's "Captain's Choice" is the ultimate exclusive blend diet to dog raw food. It provides a healthy balance of premium proteins, healthy fat, and omega-3 nutrients.

Ingredients: Duck Meat & Bones, Turkey Meat, Tuna Meat, Beef Meat & Offal

Unit Price: $4.55/ per pound (Ibs)

Beef Complete

CaptainK9's "Beef with Organs" is the second most popular entry diet to dog raw food. It provides the most variety and balance protein in a meal to raw feeding. It is a favorite for any dog owners. Ingredients: Boneless Beef Meat, Beef Tripe, Beef Offals, Beef Heart Unit Price:  $4.45 / per pound (lbs) PS: 40LBS BULK ORDERS require one week's notice to be processed.

Chicken Salmon Beef Mix Combo

CaptainK9's "Chicken Salmon Beef Mix" is the premium diet to dog raw food. It provides a healthy balance of premium proteins, and omega-3 nutrients. Ingredients: Boneless Chicken Meat, Wild Caught Atlantic Salmon, Beef Organs, Beef Tripe, Chicken Bones Unit Price: $3.55/ per pound (lbs) PS: 40LBS BULK ORDERS require one week's notice to be processed.

Turkey Salmon Beef Mix Combo

CaptainK9's "Turkey Salmon Beef Mix" is the ultimate exclusive blend diet to dog raw food. It provides a healthy balance of premium proteins, healthy fat, and omega-3 nutrients. Ingredients: Boneless Turkey Meat, Wild Caught Atlantic Salmon, Beef Organs, Beef Tripe, Turkey Bones Price per LB - $3.55 PS: 40LBS BULK ORDERS require one week's notice to be processed.

Beef Bone with Marrow (Split) – 2LB Pkg


CaptainK9's "Beef Bone with Marrow"  provides premium nutrients to any of your base raw diets. The bones have been sliced open for better access to marrow, as this also provides a safer way for the dog to consume, and eliminate the chance of getting their jaws caught like in circular marrows. 

Ingredients: Beef Bone with Marrow

Unit Price:  $3.45 / per pound (lbs)

Sardines Treat

CaptainK9's "Sardines Treat" is the most unique offering for raw pet diet related to cognitive nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids. A highly recommended addition to your pet's regular raw diet. Unit Price:  $6.99 (100g)

Kangaroo Strips Treat

  CaptainK9's "Dehydrated Kangaroo Strips" is derived from sourcing rich protein based animal parts and then dehydrated into tasty treats that dogs love. It provides a very healthy and natural treat with minimal loss of flavor and nutritional content. It is a favorite for any dogs. Ingredients: Raw Kangaroo (Boneless) Price per Unit/Pk - $12.99 (100g)
Captain K9


A properly balanced raw diet mimics the primitive and
natural diet of wolves and ancestral dogs.

Only in the past century have commercially processed kibbles and other cooked diets become available for dogs. In this same time the incidences of diet-related health problems have signifigantly increased.

At CaptainK9 we believe that the way to reduce the chance of these health problems, such as skin irritation, weight-related problems, and digestional issues, is to feed a natural RAW diet containing meat, bones, organs, and tripe, coming from a variety of sources.



All of our Ground Mixes are prepared in house with 100% hormone and antibiotic free meats sourced from a variety of abbattoirs, butchers, and grocery wholesalers from across southern Ontario.

We have sought out the freshest, highest quality, and most affordable meats, and it is our mission to pass that quality and value to our customers.All of our Ground Mix products frozen in a large case format, then cut into cubes. Custom cut sizes available if whole case is purchased. Please inquire for details.


Health benefits of raw feeding

A raw diet for dogs, often referred to as BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or Bones and Raw Food), can have various benefits when properly managed. Here are some of the potential benefits:

Improved Digestion

Raw diets are often easier for dogs to digest than processed foods. This is because they're closer to the natural eating patterns of canine ancestors.

Enhanced Immune System

A raw diet can boost a dog's immune system due to the inclusion of fresh, unprocessed foods that are rich in natural enzymes and nutrients.

Healthier Skin and Coat

Many owners report that their dogs have shinier coats and healthier skin after switching to a raw diet. This is likely due to the natural fats and oils found in raw meat, which are essential for skin health.

Dental Health

Chewing on raw bones can help scrape away plaque and tartar from a dog's teeth, promoting healthier gums and fresher breath.

More Energy and Vitality

Dogs may exhibit increased energy and vitality.

Weight Management

Dogs on raw diets may find it easier to maintain a healthy weight. The high protein and low carbohydrate content of raw diets can help prevent obesity.

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Bruce Jiang
Bruce Jiang
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We are glad to have Kevin guiding us with Chelsea’s training for the last couple of months. She has improved so much with Kevin’s enlightening aids towards her previous behavior issues. Definitely recommend Captain K9 to the other dog owners.
Hern C.
Hern C.
Read More
My dog, Victor, had severe aggression issues. We had gone to several trainers, all of whom had excellent online reviews. Even still, they only ever suppressed my dog's aggression instead of dealing with its root cause - fear. At first, Kevin didn't want to admit my dog due to his busy schedule, but after waiting for over a month and with a bit of arm twisting, he finally took my dog in. Kevin, unlike the others, taught my dog from the inside out by focusing on his underlying fear issues, instead of outside in with behavioral punishment and negative reinforcement, and that's why it worked. If your dog has aggression issues, do yourself a favor - save yourself time, headaches and money, and just go see Kevin.
Chen Klaus
Chen Klaus
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Amazing Experience! Took our dog Latte to Captain K9 for a 2-week training and boarding. It was fantastic! Sam, Latte's trainer, was awesome. He really cared for Latte and showed great passion and knowledge. He explained everything clearly, which helped us a lot. Plus, they sell quality raw food for pets at good prices. Big thanks to Sam and Captain K9. Highly recommend to all pet owners!
Christina Mahabir
Christina Mahabir
Read More
I must say that I am extremely satisfied with the raw dog food I purchased from Kevin and Natalie. Not only is the food amazing, but their expertise in selecting the best type of raw food for my dog is exceptional. Since transitioning my dog to this diet, his performance has been incredibly strong and energetic. I highly recommend this place to all dog owners concerned about the health and well-being of their pets. Thanks to Kevin and Natalie for their excellent service and insightful advice!
Evan Perrier
Evan Perrier
Read More
Tried PetSmart & a competitor, but Captain K9 stole the show. Kevin's the real deal - funny, insightful, and speaks dog. My pup used to be scaredy-cat (well, scaredy-dog) around everyone. Now, after just 6 sessions with Kevin, he's a confidence machine (on a leash, of course). Kevin teaches you the "why" behind the training, making you a master dog handler. 10/10, would recommend (especially for reactive pups)!


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