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Pork Complete

CaptainK9's "Complete Pork" provides a protein base alternative for raw food diet. It provides the most variety and balance protein in a meal to raw feeding. Ingredients: Boneless Pork Meat, Pork Offals, Pork Bone Unit Price:  $4.35 / per pound (lbs) PS: 40LBS BULK ORDERS require one week's notice to be processed.

Pork Cheek – 3LB Pkg


CaptainK9's "Pork Cheek" is one of the select few dog raw food seller that provides wholesome organs for your pet's raw diet.  By infusing organs with meat diet, your dog can obtain rich nutrients and probiotics to further enhance their organ health.

Ingredients: Pork Cheek

Price per LB - $4.25

Pork Humerus Bone – 3LB Pkg


CaptainK9's "Pork Humerus Bone"  provides an add-on ingredients to any of your base raw diet for your pets.  Whole piece meaty bones provide a good source of additional nutrients to an already rich raw meat diet.

Ingredients: Pork Humerus Bone

Unit Price:  $1.75 / Per pound (lb)

Pig Skin Roll

CaptainK9's "Pig Skin Roll" is a natural, long lasting, digestible treat which made of pig skin. It is high in protein and fat, a great chew for all kinds of dog! Ingredients: 100% Raw Pig Skin Price per EA - $3.25

Pig Ear Treat


CaptainK9's "Dehydrated Pig Ear" is the richest dehydrated treats diets. It provides a very healthy and natural nutrients with a wide variety of meat and organs for a healthy probiotics treats. It is a favorite for any dogs.

Ingredients: Raw Pig Ear

Price per EA - $1.99